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Quality Control
Quality Control

The final inspection is carried out by our in house QC Team. Raw material from suppliers is tested for hardness, tensile strength and composite. In all our test done within this period all material passed 100%.

Professional document will published certifies that a final inspection of all bright zinc plated goods to be ordered by your company and manufactured by Global Storage Equipment Manufacturer Limited will take place before products leave the factory.Products can include but are not limited to wire shelving and shelf dividers.

 All goods must be manufactured and checked according to the drawing provided with the order.Tolerances of wire diameter and all measurements including depth and width much be adhered to.


All sharp edges from wire will be removed and all corners of support bars will be rounded.

All wires will be cut flush with the wire underneath and supports bars to be spot welded.

All goods will be sent on suitable wooden pallet which are strapped 4 ways with plastic strapping.

All corners must be protected with cardboard edges to ensure no damage in transit.

On time delivery relates to the promised date for loading a container against the actual.

In the case of our KPI's shown the variance relates to the late arrival of containers to load causing the delay.



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